Anxiety Rescue

Uncover the power to feel better, immediately.

Loosen anxiety’s grip, manage your panic attacks and get your life back…for good.

If you’re OVER feeling like anxiety controls your life; if you’re TIRED of feeling exhausted, panicky, and overwhelmed; and if you’re DONE feeling as if you’re broken, weird, or completely isolated.

You are not alone.
And there IS a way to take back your life.


Join our 5-Week Anxiety Rescue e-course where we’ll give you real-world, practical techniques you can IMMEDIATELY use to truly manage your anxiety, feel better, and take back control of your life, for good.

How Does it Work?

Our 5-week online course will guide you through our research-based process that has helped thousands of people manage their anxiety and live a more engaged, connected, and in-control life.

First, you must understand the neuroscience behind your anxiety.

Understanding how it works is the first step to managing it!

Then, you will learn how to shift your mindset around anxiety.

Anxiety tricks you into thinking that it’s impossible for things to get better. That’s a lie, and this flips the switch.

Finally, you use practical techniques to manage your anxiety.

Immediately start feeling better with the right tools. Calm your nervous system and lessen the intensity of your anxiety attacks within a few weeks.

“I spent many thousands of dollars on some of the most prominent therapists in NYC. However, none of them compared to the Anxiety Sisters. They helped me to understand anxiety and how to treat it. The Anxiety Sisters are exceptionally smart, effective, warm, and helpful.”

– J.R.

What do you get?

5 Weeks of Research-Based Instruction Done at Your Own Pace:

Experience total transformation as we guide you through a new approach to managing your anxiety and panic attacks.

Audio Downloads, Visualizations, and Hands-on Activities:

We’ll teach you practical techniques that work immediately (and in the long term) to lessen anxiety, and activities and exercises to help you establish the practice.

Small, Intimate Class Sizes and Forum Support:

We limit class sizes to encourage a strong, connected community. Enjoy a confidential, supportive, nonjudgmental safe space to discuss, share, and receive support from others. (We’ll also be in the forums every single day!)

Direct Guidance + Live Group Call:

At the end of Week 4, we’ll do a live group call to provide answers to any questions you may have as well as personal guidance. The recording from that call is yours to keep so you have a helpful resource any time you want to reference it.


“Is this Really Anxiety” E-Book

This short eBook answers the most commonly asked questions about anxiety and includes stories from more than 300 interviews with women of all ages, plus some very understandable science and humor.

Guided Online Journal

For those who LOVE to journal (or haven’t tried it yet), you’ll enjoy our free online journal which will include prompts every week that relate to the course topics. (And for those who don’t like to write, it’s completely optional!)

You don’t have to struggle alone anymore. Let us help.

JUST $99

Who Are We (and how can we help you)?

First and foremost, we’re like you.

We’ve been there – we couldn’t drive, get to work, fly, or even leave the house…we missed weddings, funerals, big events…we lost friends, missed opportunities, and watched years pass us by.

But in those years, we learned how to manage our anxiety, and live well despite it.

For the last decade, we’ve been working as mental health advocates, educators, researchers, and writers in each of our specialties (Maggie’s a Social Worker and trained counselor (MSW) and Abbe’s a Communication Professor (MCIS) and public speaker). We wanted to bring our practical experience and professional expertise together to help others manage their anxiety without losing years of their life.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of anxiety sufferers across take back their lives with our courses, workshops, retreats, podcast, award-winning blog, and one-on-one coaching. We can’t wait to help you do the same.

Just $99


“This course helped me so much. My anxiety is so much better. I had never taken an online course before so I didn’t know what to expect but it was really easy to figure out – even for someone like me who’s not so great with technology. Any time I had a question I was able to get an answer right away. The videos and the conversation boards made it feel really personal. And Abs is so funny. I highly recommend this course!”

– K.L.

“The Anxiety Sisters changed my life. Not only did they help me learn to manage my anxiety, but they also helped me help my teenage daughter who suffers from terrible panic attacks (she’s doing much better now). I can’t begin to thank them for the way they explained their coping techniques and made us feel like things were going to be okay. And they are!”

– B.M.