Thanksgiving Anxiety

November 13, 2017

We aren’t the only ones who feel it!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Anxiety

  1. From this time of the year until I reach January I will have lots of flair ups and a bunch of panic attacks. My body doesn’t handle stress well at all. Plus now I’m even more stressed, I’m starting a new job, which I hope I can do. I m pushing myself to do more and in the end result I want to see that I can and will get it done.

  2. Hello,
    This is my first holiday season away from friends and family. I didn’t think my depression and anxiety would creep up on me but it surly has. Here were are a week away from thanksgiving and I can’t seem to get out of this “feeling”
    Stressed because if I work I have to hold back tears, stressed because I have to call in, stressed that I may disappoint my boss and stressed that i thought I would Have the strength to get through this.

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