Megan's Corner

Freshman Year

April 19, 2019

Hello Anxiety Sisters! Wow, have I missed writing that! I know a lot of you may be wondering where I’ve been, so that is exactly what I’m going to tell you. The last blog I wrote was in the summer, before I started college. Once I made it to college, things got a little crazy. […]

Leaning In

May 6, 2018

We all know the feeling: sweaty palms, heavy breathing, heart racing. Am I dying? It doesn’t take long for the fire alarm to go off and then…Panic Attack!  I’ve gotten so used to this that sometimes I don’t even realize I’ve had a panic attack until it’s over!   I’ve learned something very important during […]

College Anxiety

January 27, 2018

Hello Sisters! Recently, I went on a college tour… cue the horror movie music! College and everything that comes with it is daunting, no doubt about it. With essays to write, last minute service hours to earn, and the forever wait for acceptances, it’s a wonder seniors get anything else done! As I finished my […]

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