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Mags - September 2, 2017

Hi Anxiety Sisters! It’s Megan and I’m back with another blog from the teenage perspective. Today I want to talk about back to school anxiety. Predictable, I know. But that doesn’t make it less real…

Any student can tell you that school is a major source of anxiety and stress. Back to school season can be a particularly hard time for those of us who have anxiety. I have just completed my first week as a senior and already my anxiety has grown greater than it’s been in a very long time–well, since the end of junior year anyway.

Luckily, I expected this reaction and, in anticipation, took steps I’ve learned over the years to calm my anxiety. Lots and lots of deep breathing! Every day I remind myself what it will feel like to finally walk across that stage and grab my diploma. And anxiety is not going to stop me from achieving that goal!

I’ve stopped hoping that anxiety will disappear with time or that it will ever feel easy, but that’s okay because I can learn to cope with it. In times of high anxiety I (try to) remind myself of everything I have and how much I have overcome. Anxiety has been a great training ground for handling adversity!

There are, of course, days when I am in such a panic that all I can think of is simply making it through the next moment. That too is okay. It’s all part of it. Sometimes all we can do is get through each moment as it happens.
I guess what I am saying is that I’ve stopped trying to fight it so much and instead have accepted my anxiety as my shadow wherever I go. You know how sometimes at lunch some random kid shows up and never stops talking? That’s how I picture my anxiety!

What back to school anxieties have you been facing? What coping mechanisms have you been using? Please let me know how your school year is going so far.

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