Secret Sisterhood

If you are searching for a private, confidential, intimate group of women with whom to share your mental health struggles (as well as any other type of challenge), join our Secret Sisterhood!

Our Secret Sisterhood is a private, closed group on Facebook which, unlike our public page, is completely unsearchable. This means your friends cannot see the group or that you have joined it–they will never see any of your posts.

The women in this group are some of the most generous, caring, loving and exceptional people we have ever worked with–they help each other every day in so many ways, providing support, encouragement and advice when asked.

Mags and Abs are in the group too so you have access to us every day. Our Secret Sisters get our immediate attention as well as other perks such as live calls, downloads, and free stuff!

If you are interested in joining this special group, please email us and we will send you a PayPal invoice in the amount of $15 for a 3-month membership.