Soother of the month

Salt Lamps

August 3, 2017

Made from solid blocks of ancient Himalayan crystallized salt hollowed out to house a light bulb, sea salt lamps have been praised for their purification and healing properties.


July 6, 2017

Easy to access and completely free, nature is a powerful soother for anxiety.  And you don’t need to do a backwoods camping trip in a national park in order to reap nature’s calming benefits. Any time outside, whether you are reading a book in a hammock or gardening in the backyard or simply sitting in […]


June 1, 2017

With summer on its way, we thought we’d pick a super fun and inexpensive soother the whole family can enjoy: bubbles! A particularly good technique for helping young kids manage their anxiety, blowing bubbles forces you to inhale deeply and exhale powerfully—which is exactly what everyone is trying to get you to do when you […]

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