Things We Love


Jeff Fink & Earl

Jeff’s struggles with anxiety and depression were largely unmanageable until he brought his Golden Retriever, Earl, now a fully-trained service dog, into his life. Together, Jeff and Earl have built a meaningful and productive life and now want to help other anxiety sufferers do the same. In this spirit, Jeff founded Go Fetch Wellness, an organization dedicated to matching people suffering from mental health issues and animals in order to promote healing and connection. We were lucky enough to meet both Jeff and Earl and are big supporters of their mission.

Carrie Firestone

A former high school teacher extraordinaire, Carrie Firestone is now a novelist portraying the trials of young adulthood. Great books! Great woman!

Body Kindness

We love this book by Rebecca Scritchfield, who recognizes the importance of emotional and mental health and points out that the only path to such health is through treating oneself with love and kindness. This is a great read for all sisters, anxiety or otherwise! Rebecca’s warmth and humor come through in every page. We particularly love her “spiral ups” (you’ll have to get the book to find out!!)…and her podcasts are also amazing!

Polly (Anxiety Goat)

Wearing her duck costume soothes Polly, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder.

S-Town Podcast

This podcast, produced by the same folks at NPR who did “Serial” and “This American Life,” is utterly riveting. Anxiety Sisters often need distractions from their own thoughts, and this seven-episode series does just the trick. And the best part? It’s free!

Science of Parenthood

We love love love this clever book! It makes a perfect gift for parents of kids of all ages. Remember, funny helps!!!



Judy Gold

This talented woman (we’d like to think she’s an Anxiety Sister too) really makes us laugh–which, of course, soothes our anxious minds. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear her show!


Joanie Calem

We have spent time with this wonderful songwriter and singer with a really compassionate message. Please check out her website and listen to her music.