Are you experiencing acute anxiety or panicky feelings? Try some TLC:

Talk to yourself

Loosen all constraints                                          

Cool down

What does this mean, exactly?

Talk is about saying words to yourself ALOUD. Those words can be anything soothing or a particular mantra you like. But you must at least whisper the words so your ears can hear them. Why? Because research has shown that your brain “listens” to what you tell it—to your own voice…

Loosen is about freeing your body of anything restrictive or tight. For most people, feeling unbound gets their blood flowing again and allows their muscles to release. You know how, after a night out, you can’t wait to peel off your dress and get into comfy sweatpants? We’re willing to bet most of you actually sigh or groan with pleasure once you have pulled off your bra and panty hose…

Cool is about bringing your body temperature down. Anxiety causes your blood vessels to constrict which heats the body. Coolness reverses the process. You know the saying “hot and bothered?” Well, we are trying for the opposite sensation…


Talk to yourself

Loosen all constraints                                          

Cool down


So how do I do this?


T involves repeating words or phrases over and over again. Our favorites include:

“This too shall pass,” “Breathe in, breathe out,” “I am okay,” and “Ride it out” but you can pick your own. One Anxiety Sister actually uses “Serenity Now!”


L involves getting as naked as you appropriately can. Take off your [seat]belt, undo your jeans, pull out that hair scrunchie, unclasp your bra, take off your shoes. Remove anything that makes you feel constricted.


C involves any or all of the following: air conditioner or a fan, a cold shower or splashing cold water on your face and neck, opening windows if the air is crisp, a cool cloth on your forehead or neck, an icepack at the base of your spine, sucking on ice cubes or peppermint, or even a very cold glass of water to drink.

We find it helpful to keep a TLC reminder posted: