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Our Book

The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide

The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide:

How You Can Become More Hopeful, Connected, and Happy

Are you struggling with anxiety? We get it. We have spent the past thirty years figuring out how to outsmart our anxiety-ridden brains. Now, we have put those decades of research on what works (and what doesn’t) into our book, THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing anxiety because we all experience it differently.

However, there are ways to live with your anxiety-without letting it control your life-and even become more hopeful and happy in the process.

THE ANXIETY SISTERS’ SURVIVAL GUIDE is a warm and practical guide to coping with anxiety-and finding ways to laugh. We’ve helped thousands of anxiety sufferers, and we can’t wait to help you too!

Whether you’re looking to better understand and manage panic, worry, overthinking, stress, or phobias, or just want to pause the endless spin cycle in your head, you’ll find real-world, research-based insights and ways to help you cope with anxiety.

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