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Press Kit

Anxiety Sisters Bio:

Abbe Greenberg, MCIS and Maggie Sarachek, MSW are trained counselors, mental health advocates, researchers, educators, writers, and long-time anxiety sufferers. In 2017, they launched their online community which now includes more than 225,000 people in 200+ countries and territories. Together the Anxiety Sisters write an award-winning blog and host a podcast (The Spin Cycle). Having learned to live happily with anxiety, they spend their time coaching anxiety sufferers and conducting workshops and retreats all over the U.S. Their book, The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide was released by Penguin Random House in September of 2021.

To learn how the Anxiety Sisters met and started the sisterhood, read OUR STORY



Abbe Greenberg Bio:

Abbe Greenberg started talking at nine months old and hasn’t stopped since. She has gotten two degrees in the communication field as well as a certificate in Adult Education and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

In addition to her more than 25-year career as a professor, Abbe has served as a divorce mediator, a Myers-Briggs trainer, a motivational speaker and a communication consultant as well as a teacher development coordinator for several educational institutions.

When she is not teaching, writing, researching, or panicking, she spends time with her Anxiety Sister (Maggie), her anxious husband, her three anxious kids, and her two anxious cats.

Maggie Sarachek Bio:

Maggie Sarachek is interested in both counseling and teaching people to find strength through community. As a social worker in a New York City high school, she specialized in the development of youth leadership as well as counseling individuals and families. Maggie has also worked as a special-education advocate, helping families to access services for their children and teens.

She became a full-fledged Anxiety Sister in her mid-twenties while dealing with debilitating anxiety attacks. Since becoming an Anxiety Sister, she has become the wife of an anxious husband and the mother of two anxious kids proving that anxiety is, indeed, contagious.