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The Spin Cycle–Episode 049

September 20, 2022

This is absolutely one of our favorite episodes we’ve ever recorded because we are joined by our friend and fellow mental health advocate Gabe Howard, host of the podcast Inside Mental Health. Having suffered from bipolar disorder since he was a child, Gabe definitely walks the walk. He understands what it is like to live with persistent mental illness and also how to manage it and live well anyway. Gabe does not sugar-coat anything–he tells it like it is and we love him for it. Do not miss this informative and often hysterical conversation.


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Hard Things

January 29, 2022

One of our favorite mantras is “I can do hard things.” Anxiety can certainly bring us to our knees, and cause us to forget our strength and resilience, but we are psychologically hardwired to persevere. Still, we all need a […]


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