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The Spin Cycle–Episode 052

November 1, 2022

Mary Laura Philpott, award-winning writer and Anxiety Sister extraordinaire, is our guest on today’s episode. Listen to our discussion about Mary Laura’s latest memoir as well as how she manages her anxiety and perfectionism. We do a lot of laughing, but there are some really poignant moments, such as when Mary Laura shares her struggles as a parent of a child with a chronic illness and our conversation about being caregivers for both aging parents and young children. We dare you not to fall in love with Mary Laura’s warmth and sense of humor!


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Hard Things

One of our favorite mantras is “I can do hard things.” Anxiety can certainly bring us to our knees, and cause us to forget our strength and resilience, but we are psychologically hardwired to persevere. Still, we all need a […]


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