The Spin Cycle–Episode 031

Abs – April 20, 2021

You probably know Joey Pantoliano (aka, Joey Pants) from his roles in blockbuster movies such as The Matrix, Memento, and Risky Business or for his award-winning portrayal of Ralph in The Sopranos, but after this episode, you will remember him as unflinchingly honest in his role as mental health advocate. Together with his daughter Daniella (who is also in the film industry and a bona fide Anxiety Sister), Joey joins us to discuss his own journey through depression, addiction, and anxiety and how these disorders affected his acting career and family life.

The Spin Cycle–Episode 030

Abs – March 23, 2021

In this episode, Abs & Mags are joined by Dr. Robert C. Smith--University Distinguished Professor and a Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry at Michigan State University. With many publications, awards, and strong grant support, he has been involved in teaching and research in patient-centered communication and in primary care mental health since 1985. Our sometimes shocking conversation about "How Medicine Has Lost Its Mind" (which is also the title of Dr. Smith's forthcoming book)will change your view of the practice of medicine, particularly regarding mental health care. It is a must-listen!

The Spin Cycle–Episode 029

Abs – February 15, 2021

Join the Anxiety Sisters in their deeply personal conversation with Alison Malmon, the Founder and Executive Director of Active Minds, the largest nonprofit mobilizing young adults to change the conversation about mental health in America. As a suicide loss survivor, Alison is determined to normalize and destigmatize the subject of mental health so that young people struggling with anxiety, depression and other issues can receive the help they need. Listen to this powerful and sometimes difficult discussion and learn real ways you can help the people in your life who face mental health challenges.

The Spin Cycle–Episode 028

Abs – October 28, 2020

Join Abs, Mags and their special guest, Dr. Aron Tendler (Chief Medical Officer of Brainsway)as they discuss Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is a relatively new treatment for depression and now Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Learn how it works and if you may be a good candidate for the treatment.


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