Eating My Anxiety

May 30, 2017

Eating plays a big role in how I cope with anxiety. I don’t mean that I reach for quinoa, blueberries, and almonds whenever I feel anxious (how I wish). I mean that when I am anxious, I reach for food to numb my anxiety. Since anxiety both makes me uncomfortable and increases my penchant for […]

Anxiety Management Technique: Bookending

May 23, 2017

Originally used as a tool to help 12-step recovery addicts prevent relapse, bookending involves creating a positive activity on either end of a potentially triggering event. For example, if I know that going to the doctor will cause me to feel panicky (true story), I might “bookend” the visit with something more pleasant. It’s kind […]

How To Listen To Anxious Teens

May 16, 2017

Talking to teenagers can be a tricky proposition at times; this is primarily because we adults have an agenda—we want them to listen to us and take our advice. Of course this is well-intended, but most teens I know (and from my years as a social worker in a high school, I know quite a […]

Mom Anxiety

May 9, 2017

I cannot say that my anxiety developed when I became a mother. No, I had been fighting my mind monsters for several years before the girls came along. Ironically, plunging into parenthood eased my anxiety a bit as I was so distracted by all of the things you have to do each day when you […]

Yoga Poses That Reduce Anxiety: A Guide for Yoga-Phobes and Naysayers

May 2, 2017

Confession: I don’t like yoga. I’ve tried it once or twice— “easy” Hatha yoga, which wasn’t easy for me at all. In fact, some of the poses were downright uncomfortable. My warrior pose was wobbly, at best, and my triangle more resembled a trapezoid. I felt off-balance and sweaty while everyone else seemed to be […]

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