The Spin Cycle–Episode 025

Abs - January 14, 2020

This episode is all about BFRBs (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors) including skin picking, hair pulling and nail biting. Joining Abs and Mags are Ellen Crupi, trichotillomania sufferer and Director of Awareness at HabitAware and Lauren McKeaney, dermatillomania sufferer and founder/CEO of Picking Me Foundation. You do not want to miss this highly informative conversation!

Important links from the podcast:

Learn about BFRBs

Picking Me Foundation (Lauren McKeaney)

HabitAware (Ellen Crupi)

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Facebook Support Group for Parents

Discounted Fiddlepacks for Anxiety Sisters



One thought on “The Spin Cycle–Episode 025

  1. I have had depression and anxiety for several years and am beginning the process of LTD and opening the door to therapy for C-PTSD. I have been suicidal for years as well. I don’t know how to feel any emotion. I hope one day to sort everything out and learn how to be happy.

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