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Soother of the Month

Salt Lamps

Made from solid blocks of ancient Himalayan crystallized salt hollowed out to house a light bulb, sea salt lamps have been praised for their purification and healing properties. Many people swear by the health benefits of using salt lamps—better energy, better sleep habits, improved mood, better concentration, reduced allergy symptoms, reduced headaches (particularly migraines) and eased coughing—which are a result of the lamp’s ability to absorb water molecules and foreign particles such as dust, pet dander, bacteria and mold, thus leaving the surrounding air “cleansed” and healthier to breathe.

Sea salt lamps are also believed to neutralize electromagnetic radiation by releasing negative ions that counteract the damaging effects of computers, cell phones, televisions and other appliances we are surrounded with on a daily basis. While this is not yet scientifically proven, a few studies have indeed shown the presence of more negative ions in the room after a few days of exposure to sea salt lamps. And the anecdotal evidence is astounding: Some people we know have salt lamps in every room of their houses!

While the verdict is still out as to whether sea salt lamps actually provide the health benefits listed above, there is no doubt that poor air quality does cause illness, poor sleep, and mood disorders. So, since there are no drawbacks to having a pretty object emitting a soft pinkish glow next to your bed (which might also decontaminate the air and neutralize radiation), we say, “Salt Lamps for everyone!”

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