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The Anxiety Sisters


The Spin Cycle–Episode 027

We are back!! After a long, pandemic-induced hiatus, we are beginning Season 4 of The Spin Cycle with a very appropriate topic:  catastrophizing. Our special guests are 2 of the world’s most celebrated catastrophizers (us!). Join us for our conversation about what causes catastrophizing and how to manage it. We guarantee you will laugh!


  • Ginger Weiser
    October 4, 2020

    This was a fantastic podcast.. This is from the “Catastrophizing Queen..” Your tips are wonderful..
    One of my mantras I use is “What’s Right, Right Now? Sometimes it helps.. Sometimes not so much..
    Difficult for me because some things I have catastrophized over, have actually happened.. So, I am often waiting for the other shoe to drop.. Yet, many things haven’t.. I keep plugging on. Thanks again for allyou do for all of us.. Be well and safe


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