The Spin Cycle–Episode 027

Abs - September 30, 2020

We are back!! After a long, pandemic-induced hiatus, we are beginning Season 4 of The Spin Cycle with a very appropriate topic:  catastrophizing. Our special guests are 2 of the world’s most celebrated catastrophizers (us!). Join us for our conversation about what causes catastrophizing and how to manage it. We guarantee you will laugh!

One thought on “The Spin Cycle–Episode 027

  1. This was a fantastic podcast.. This is from the “Catastrophizing Queen..” Your tips are wonderful..
    One of my mantras I use is “What’s Right, Right Now? Sometimes it helps.. Sometimes not so much..
    Difficult for me because some things I have catastrophized over, have actually happened.. So, I am often waiting for the other shoe to drop.. Yet, many things haven’t.. I keep plugging on. Thanks again for allyou do for all of us.. Be well and safe

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