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The Anxiety Sisters


The Spin Cycle–Episode 003

The Anxiety Sisters are back with a third episode. This time, the topic is everything you always wanted to know about anxiety medication but were too anxious to ask. Don’t miss this honest and revealing discussion!



  • Paula
    May 25, 2017

    Great information, and it was very funny.

    • Lori
      October 4, 2017

      Great podcast! I listened to this episode in particular because I am struggling with very persistent general anxiety and occasional panic attacks like you described about feeling like you have the stomach flu. I take Xanax for the panic attacks to calm myself and usually can get myself together enough to carry on with my day. However my anxiety is so high … I worry and overthink constantly. It’s hard to concentrate some days on work or “fun” things because the worry overwhelms my brain. I have tried many SSRI’s and 3 of them resulted in a weight gain I was not comfortable with. In all cases I lost the weight after stopping them. I’m quite short 5’2″ … so my most recent experience I have been on cymbalta (not an SSRI) for 3 months and went from 124lbs to 136 lbs. Size 8 pants to size 12 🙁 In 3 months!! I can’t handle the weight gain but medication has the ability to calm me and help me enjoy life more! But I hate my fat 🙁 I want to try medication again but the gaining weight and having to lose it again is so hard. I WISH and PRAY there was a med that didn’t cause weight gain or sexual side effects. For now I am stopping cymbalta and trying to lose the weight while using xanax for bad panic attacks, but I would do much rather lower my overall every day anxiety. Anyway, that’s a piece of my long story! I will definitely be listening to more episodes of your podcast. Nice to know I’m not alone in my anxiety 🙂

      • Mags
        October 4, 2017

        Thanks so much for your kind words. Sometimes it is hard to know the reach of our podcasts….it is wonderful to know that they have helped! We completely understand about the weight gain side effects (we call them front and center effects). If weight has not been an issue in your life, it sucks to add it (in addition to anxiety). One thing you can try is to get a genetic test to see how your body metabolizes different SSRI’s. We are not affiliated with any company of any kind but I have heard of Gene Sight (and know people that have used them), you can check out the website. It may help to tell you which meds you metabolize the best in terms of efficacy and weight issues….Please check out our website for other soothers (aside from medication). One thing that strikes me is that walking in nature really helps people that are ruminating a lot on different problems…other things that may help are acupuncture, biofeedback….etc. We wish you well, please keep letting us know how you are doing.


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