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The Anxiety Sisters


The Spin Cycle–Episode 050

For those of us who suffer from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses, romantic partnerships can be real minefields. This episode features Allison Raskin, an expert in the intersection between anxiety and relationships and author of the book Overthinking About You: Navigating Romantic Relationships When You Have Anxiety, OCD and/or Depression. Listen in as we chat about real world ways to help yourself and your partner manage your anxiety disorder. We even tackle our own personal romance disasters and what we now know in hindsight.


About Allison Raskin:

Allison is a New York Times bestselling author whose third book came out in May 2022. She’s also a screenwriter who has developed shows with FX, Netflix, MTV, YouTube Red and 20th Century Television and podcast host. Her YouTube channel, Just Between Us, has over 170,000,000 views and she has a mental health focused Instagram account called  Emotional Support Lady.


Allison’s website


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