Bach’s Rescue Remedy

November 2, 2016

Another anxiety sister recommended this month’s soother to us years ago, and, to our delight, it really works! Just a couple of spritzes on the tongue, and everything feels just a little bit easier. If you prefer drops, they sell those too. And it’s completely natural…

Abs packs this one in her flight bag for those turbulent moments…

You can find it at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe and other places that sell homeopathic stuff.

4 thoughts on “Bach’s Rescue Remedy

  1. I swear by this stuff! Between this and some awesome homeopathics, I just survived a trip to NYC with hardly a hiccup.

    1. Hi Diana–

      You can get it for about 15 bucks at I get mine at Whole Foods but, of course, it is a bit more expensive there!


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