Talk to Yourself Aloud

October 2, 2016

This month’s soother is simple but extremely effective: TALK TO YOURSELF ALOUD (trust us, the aloud part really makes a difference)

  • Explain to yourself what is happening by labeling the experience:
    “What I’m feeling is anxiety. It is very uncomfortable, but that is what anxiety feels like.”
  • Choose a mantra (a repeated word or phrase) and say it to yourself. Some of our favorites are:
    “Breathe in. Breathe out.
    “This too shall pass.”
    “I am okay.”
  • Keep talking until the anxiety subsides. Which it will. We promise.

One thought on “Talk to Yourself Aloud

  1. I love your posting. I have suffered with anxiety for years and I have the hardest time convincing myself to get out of my chair and do something. When I do I enjoy myself but then retreat to my old ways. Any suggestions?

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