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Soother of the Month

Originally practiced by the ancient Egyptians, reflexology is a touch/massage practice based on the idea that the reflexes in the foot are mirror images of all of the organs, tissues, muscles and glands in the body (see the above diagram

Worry stones, sometimes called “pocket tranquilizers,” have been used since the beginning of humankind (yes, anxiety is that old). Ancient Greeks used Palm Stones, smoothed by the sea and Komboloi, which are worry beads, similar to rosary beads used in

Another anxiety sister recommended this month’s soother to us years ago, and, to our delight, it really works! Just a couple of spritzes on the tongue, and everything feels just a little bit easier. If you prefer drops, they sell

This month's soother is simple but extremely effective: TALK TO YOURSELF ALOUD (trust us, the aloud part really makes a difference) Explain to yourself what is happening by labeling the experience: “What I'm feeling is anxiety. It is very uncomfortable, but