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Soother of the Month

Lately, you may have noticed that “adult” coloring books are popping up everywhere. Many have even appeared on the NY Times Bestseller list! But this pastime is more than a trend—it is a wonderful soother for anxiety. Like needlework and

If you are an animal lover, you don’t need evidence to back up the assertion that pets are good healers for mental illness sufferers. You already know that just cuddling with your pet can really calm you down when your

Needles all over my body? Are you crazy? Nope. Just anxious. And acupuncture is a great tool for managing anxiety. Based on ancient Chinese medical practices, acupuncture works to balance the life force or energy current called Qi (pronounced “kee”)

Made from solid blocks of ancient Himalayan crystallized salt hollowed out to house a light bulb, sea salt lamps have been praised for their purification and healing properties.

Easy to access and completely free, nature is a powerful soother for anxiety.  And you don’t need to do a backwoods camping trip in a national park in order to reap nature’s calming benefits. Any time outside, whether you are

With summer on its way, we thought we’d pick a super fun and inexpensive soother the whole family can enjoy: bubbles! A particularly good technique for helping young kids manage their anxiety, blowing bubbles forces you to inhale deeply and

Some of you may believe that needlework, such as crochet or knitting, is the domain of grandmothers. This, however, is not the case. About 1/3 of women ages 25 to 35 knit or crochet.

Often referred to as “Zen technology,” the practice of consciously controlling one’s heart rate, oxygen intake and body temperature as a technique to soothe anxiety has been around for thousands of years. Now known as biofeedback (it received this name

Indigenous to Russia, Africa, the Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula, the lavender flower has long been used medicinally—most often either as a dried herb or as an essential oil. Aside from its signature soothing aroma, lavender has other qualities that

From the time human beings learned to make music, they understood its power to soothe and heal. For example, African cultures have used drumming in healing ceremonies, South American Shamans and Native American tribes have used chanting in the same